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Morrissete Numbero Uno

Oldtimer picture gallery. Trucks. Morris-Commercial (only pre-1945 here).
?-1929-1945-now?, Morris Commercial, UK.

Morris 10 Series M, 19??-19??, 4x2 ?-ton light utility, 8000 built in WW2, 75k photo

Morris-Commercial PU, 1936-1937-?, 4x2 8-cwt (0,4-ton) truck GS, ? built, 30k photo of 1937 Morris of Tim Gray (UK)
(Camouflage scheme is British from the Western Desert 7Armd Div)

Morris-Commercial PU8/4, 1942, 4x4 8-cwt (0,4-ton) truck, 1192 built (449 personnel/GS + 743 FFW/Wireless)

Morris-Commercial C4, 19??-19??, 4x2 15-cwt (0,75-ton) truck, ? delivered in WW2, 58k photo

Morris-Commercial CS8, 194?-1944, 4x2 15-cwt (0,75-ton) truck, ? delivered in WW2, 15k b/w photo

Morris-Commercial C8/GB, late 1944, 4x4 15-cwt (0,75-ton) radiomobile, 33k photo (500 built)

Morris-Commercial C8, 1939-1940-1944-?, 4x4 15-cwt (0,75-ton) truck, about 10.000 built, 35k photo of 1944 Mk III No.5

Morris-Commercial C9/B Bofors self-propelled gun, 19??-19??, 4x4 ?-cwt (?-ton) truck, ? delivered in WW2, 34k photo

Morris-Commercial CS11, 1935-1939, 4x2 30-cwt (1,5-ton) truck, ? built

Morris-Commercial CDSW, 1935-1939-?, 6x4 30-cwt (1,5-ton) truck, ? built, 21k photo of 1939 Morris light recovery, courtesy of Tim Gray (UK)

Morris-Commercial CD, 1933-1939, 6x4 30-cwt (1,5-ton) truck/car, ? built

Morris-Commercial CDF(W), 1934 - early WW2, 6x4 30-cwt (1,5-ton) truck/car, ? built, CDFW - with winch

Morris-Commercial Terrapin Mk I, 1943-1944, 8x8 4-ton amphibian, 500 built

Pre-1932 vehicles:

Morris-Commercial 3.5B, 1930, 72k photo, originally sold to Estonia as chassis + cab, was provided with Estonian body

Morris-Commercial, 1929, 52k photo of bus

Morris Cowley game cart, 1924, 47k photo

Photos are from:
Jan Szatan, Poland (homepage).
WW2 Vehicles & Trailers.
T. Noorits, Estonia.
Brooks Auction.
Thomas Winkelbauer, Vienna (Steyr Geschichte).
Molotok Auction (Russia).
Some data are from from Bart Vanderveen's "Historic Military Vehicles Directory", After the Battle Publication.
Thanks for comments to Rain Vaikla (Estonia) and Paul Seabury (England).You are welcome to write me by E-mail Contact. Andrei Bogomolov.

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